Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The New Year - Why Wait?

Well, it is about that time! The holidays are well underway and fitting into that New Year's Eve dress is catching up with us. Most people don't start their workout programs till after the new year. In fact it is one of the best months for personal trainers because everyone is trying to reach their new years resolution. I am looking forward to it! There is less than 2 weeks left before New Years Eve. So why wait? Start your workout program today vs. Monday or Sunday or January 2nd. Do the groundwork now so you are better prepared to handle those holiday treats and parties. As a trainer, I recommend even walking for starters. If you belong to a gym and haven't used it try and get there these next few weeks. A lot of us are off work now and it will be less crowded then it will be next month. You will feel better about putting on that New Years Eve dress.

Some ideas to get you moving in January:

FitForce is a Strength-Training workout using dumbbells. FitForce is designed to shape and tone the body without building muscular size or bulk. FitForce is highly recommended to those enrolled in a weight loss program because it helps retain lean muscle tissue while boosting metabolism.

FitForce, strength training classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's 6:00PM at Hope Ridge Church in Concord. 01/04/11 - 01/27/11. Cost is $40. Email me to sign up charsin@roadrunner.com

FitForce, strength training classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's 10:00AM at Perry Fitness Center in Perry. 01/04/11 - 02/15/11. Please call them to sign up at 440-259-9499.

I also offer personal training at your home or my home, email me for more information.

Personal Training and Slim Coaching at Slim & Fit in Mayfield, Ohio. Please call them to make an appointment with me at 440-442-3348.

The News-Herald will be having the "Lighten Up Contest" again in January. Contest are a great way to lose weight,  apply to be one of the contestants. It worked for me!

If weight loss and fitness is your resolution for 2011, make this your year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Years Resolution

 I just did a google search for the top 5 New years Resolutions, and it is no surprise that Weight loss and Fitness are always in the top 5. If this is your resolution for 2011, how do you plan to follow through with it? I am here to tell you that there are no quick fixes for this resolution. As much as I wish there was...healthy eating and exercise are it.

I recently met a lady at the Health club that had bariatric surgery. Now one would think that this would be a cure or a quick fix for obesity. She told me she lost 70 pounds after the surgery only to gain it all back. She is now in the process of losing the weight (again) the way she should have done it in the first place, diet and exercise.

I also now a lady who had the lap band procedure done. The doctor told her that this procedure is only a tool to help lose the weight, you will still have to diet and exercise. She didn't lose anything because she is still eating the wrong foods.

Have you ever heard of Sensa? I actually bought this a few years ago because I saw it on 60 minutes and they said it works so it must. I paid $100 for a month supply of these little shakers that you shake on your food. Needless to say it didn't work but I knew where every bathroom in Lake county was. UGH!

Commit yourself into regular work outs and get the professional help to build the strong foundation your body is begging for. Stop saying "I can't afford a trainer". Using a certified Trainer is the right thing to do initially. It's probably not a forever relationship, but a great way to get you started.

Please contact me if you need help getting started with your weight loss.

What is your NewYears Resolution?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fitting in Exercise over the Holidays

Who has time to exercise over the holidays? You do, and here is how. With holiday parties, travel and shopping, your free time is at an all time low. You need to get in the mind set that some kind of exercise is better than nothing.

Break up your routines: You still have 4 aunts, 2 uncles and your hairdresser to shop for, what to do? When it comes to lifting weights, a few shorter workouts can be just as effective as a long workout. Split your normal routine into 2 or 3 smaller ones.

Do something active each day: Make it a goal to do something active each day in December. Don't feel guilty because you can't exercise as much as you did in September. Find an activity...walking, shopping, shoveling snow and get it done!

Exercise in the AM if possible: Wake up an hour early for just one week to get in your exercise, and then decide if it was worth it. Exercising in the AM is a tough transition, but many people find that once they start exercising early, they never stop. For me, if it doesn't get done first thing in the morning chances are it is not going to happen. You have to push yourself during the holidays to get the results you want.

Use your lunch break for more than eating: Don't spend a whole hour in the break room watching TV. Instead go for a short walk, even it its for 10 minutes. A little is better than nothing. If you work in Lake County I can teach strength training classes at your work facility during lunch. Email me if you are interested.

Increase the intensity: Shorten your workout, but make it more intense. Lift heavier weights and increase the speed and/or incline on the treadmill. This will stimulate muscle growth and fat burning!

Set Realistic goals for December: Your exercise goal for December should be just to stay active so you don't pile on the pounds before the New year. Be realistic, and you will be successful!

How are you squeezing exercise into December?

Merry Fitness!