Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do You Exercise on Vacation?

So what is going to be my game plan when going on a cruise? At first I was thinking, I have worked hard for 2 years at losing weight and keeping it off, I just want to go on vacation and not think about diet or exercise! I plan on eating whatever I want...after all this is a cruise with lots of food and drink everywhere you look. I don't plan on getting a stomachache from eating to much food...but if it happens once or twice it won't ruin my vacation :) So now that it has been decided I will eat what I want, the next decision is about exercise. Should I or shouldn't I fit in some exercise while cruising? I'm not talking about snorkeling and swimming, I know that does burn calories but I am talking about lifting weights and running. I did some research about the ship, Oasis of the Seas, that we are going to be on. They have a state of the art fitness facility and a running track. HMMM? I just can't decide, so I posted the question on my Facebook page.

Trying to figure out what to pack for vacation. Should I take work out clothes or not?

Each time I prepare for vacation I take work out clothes and some resistance bands. Each time I vacation I never use them. Isn't this what vacation is about, to escape from EVERYTHING? Now that the airlines charge you for each bag, and they can't weigh over 50 pounds, I don't want to take something I wont use. Here are the comments that I received on my Facebook page.

-Absolutely you should. You may have to modify what you do but you don't want a vacation from the great feeling you get from being active and healthy.
-Pack them! You'll be happy you did. Running on an outdoor track while the boat is at sea sounds fantastic.
-Yes! Even if you only get 2 or 3 workouts in, you won't feel like such a slug when you get back. Plus, it boosts your mood your mood and energy and it's always fun to workout in a new setting.
- What would you tell your clients?
-Pack your workout clothes char...I always love running the track in the morning while the boats is at will be glad you did...
-No, but you will because you worked out on hockey tourney weekends

Even personal Trainers need a little boost now and then. I guess these responses have guilted me into packing the workout clothes. The key now is to actually take the workout clothes out of the suitcase and use them. I did receive a few No responses on my page like these:

-Nope. What else is vacation for but to relax.
- Work-Out clothes and vacation do not go together...we don't like putting the words "work" and "vacation" together!

I think the pro's to working out, out weighed the cons. I am happy to say I packed the workout clothes and I used them. Only three times but at least they got used this time. I ate and drank whatever I wanted so I felt a little less guilty about that.

I have not weighed myself yet and I have been home for 3 days. I plan on doing that after having a week of eating right and exercising. I know if I weigh myself now, I will become depressed and it will ruin my week.

In the 3 days that I have been home, I have taught 4 bootcamps, trained legs, shoulders, back and biceps, and ran 2 miles. I have also ate healthy...I am feeling much better about stepping on the scale on Friday.

I had to take some pictures for proof that I worked out, just in case you didn't believe me.

Check out all the elliptical machines!

The Running track was awesome. Some of it indoors and some of it outdoors.

Some motivational signs along the running track.

Its a SMALL dessert! It can't have that many calories..can it?

Drink of the day! I'm guessing about 800 calories, YIKES.

I LOVE this ship! It was worth all the exercise I have to put in this week.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letter to my Clients...Don't give up!

Dear Clients,

I hope that one day you can see what I see in you. Understand that you can change your reality.  We always talk about the things you know you are doing wrong and how you want to change them… but you don’t. Sometimes, instead of moving forward you backpeddle and fall short of your goals, and feel worse.

Most of you ask me how many times I fell off track and had to start over again. The truth is, I am human and I fell of the track too.  I sympathize with all of you on this road because it is a daily struggle with food and exercise.

When I watch you not taking care of yourself, it’s like rewinding my life again on a daily basis. We both know inside exactly what we need to do, to get it done. I hear you say “I’m not sure why I stopped because I was doing so well”. We know what will make us feel better, and we can only help ourselves.

Eventually I hope the light bulb turns on for you, and you realize you are ready to do what is right for yourself, no matter how long it takes.  Even when you take that plunge it will not be perfect. Restarting a healthy routine is not a game.

I know first hand that I can’t motivate someone who is not ready for it. All of you start out strong and ready to take on the world. Your more than busy schedules kick in and I watch you slip away. 

As unpleasant as it may sound, it’s the control of your life that you must regain to overcome these moments of weakness. When we take care of our mind and body with proper diet and nutrition we limit the crap that eats us from the inside out.  Anything worth having is worth busting your butt for.

Sacrifice or regret…you decide.

NFPT Certified Personal Trainer

Thursday, June 2, 2011

News Letter

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