Monday, February 28, 2011


Speed, for the most part makes you happy. Who wants to be doing something longer than we have to? If we can do something in half the normal amount of time, we are going to do it. We don't want to wait. We want it now.

But this isn't about making things faster. This is about patience.

You see it everywhere. Do our workout and lose 50 pounds in 30 days. Shake this dumbbell for 6 minutes each day and tone your arms. Glide on this seated coaster thingy for 15 minutes and watch your love handles disappear. Take these pills and burn the fat off of you. Sit down in front of the T.V. on any random day and on any channel you can see at least one commercial that promotes these products. Lots and lots of claims. I'm curious how many of you reading this blog has purchased the shake weight.

Everyone wants results and wants them quick. People expect, when they take or use these products, to see results fast.  You spend the money and your closet is filling up with failed products. Don't fall into this trap!

Understand when you put in the work, it takes time. It takes time for your body to burn fat and build muscle. Don't get frustrated because the scale is not moving. This is the number one reason people stop exercising. Big gyms are praying that you get frustrated and don't show up anymore. You have paid for the year because of a promotion, they have your money, and in the end that's what they want.

Ask yourself: Do your clothes fit better? Do you feel better? Can you do things you couldn't before? If you answered yes to any of these, then the work you are doing is working. Continue to work hard and get the results you want. Just know that it is going to take time.

When I run into people that constantly ask "So...what was your secret to losing weight". There is no secret, I bust my ass in the gym, period!

Work hard and everything else will fall into place.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Would You hire a Personal Trainer?

There are many reasons why someone would hire a CERTIFIED personal trainer:

SAFETY - Form is crucial when working out and it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or more advanced. You can easily injure yourself by exercises incorrectly. If you have a trainer coaching you through every rep, injury can usually be avoided. It is important to learn proper form on every single exercise

ACCOUNTABILITY -  Ever think " Ohhh, I'm going to work out after work", then 8 hours later say "um, no I'm going home"? We all have! Having a scheduled appointment with a trainer, that you have paid  for, you will be less likely to back out. Aside from losing the cash, you will feel the pressure of not letting your trainer down.

CHALLENGING - Trying to challenge yourself is difficult. If you are always doing the same work out it can get boring. A trainer will mix up your usual routine and stunt your muscles in a whole new direction. I had a client who told me she thought she always worked out hard until she hired a trainer and realized she was just coating through her normal routine.

RESULTS - Depending on your training intensity (weights, cardio, nutrition & goals), it usually takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks to see results. It really depends on how hard your work. Some clients tell me their jeans fit differently after 2 weeks. I think that is rare and they were busting their butts, doing plenty of home work at the local track.

Shape Up for SUMMER

New Strength Training Session will start next week 03/01/11 - 03/24/11. Class is on Tuesday's and Thursday's, 6:00PM at Hope Ridge Church located at 9970 Johnnycake Ridge Road in Mentor. Cost is $40 for 8 classes. Please bring a set of dumbbells, exercise mat and a water bottle. Reminder to the current News-Herald Lighten Up Contestants you can attend for FREE. Please send me an email to register for the class. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weight Training for Women

Weight Training for women is not that much different than weight training for men. What determines the type of resistance program has to do more with a person's goal rather than their sex. What I am finding out, is that women have different weight training goals than men.

Women typically never want to get bigger. Whenever a new female personal training client comes to me, one of the first things they say is " I don't want lifting weights to make me bigger". They ALL want a strong, firm, slim body but are concerned about their legs getting bigger. I have seen women who will not train legs at all for fear of making them bigger.

Both men and women do agree strength training is good for them. The truth is that all forms of resistance training will make the muscle cell bigger to some degree. You can train and eat in a manner that will increase your strength and shape the muscle. Most bodybuilders train for size by doing set after set, of one exercise, with heavy weights and make the workouts last for a long period of time. Avoid this type of training if you don't want to make your muscles bigger.

Females can train for strength by doing full body workouts. What you want to do is make the muscles stronger and just a LITTLE bigger so you can get the benefits of weight training without a significant increase in size.

Email me at if you have any questions about your program or need help getting started. Summer is just around the corner!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lose Weight with a Lucky Charm

I am a big fan of visual reminders of my goals. If you hop on a scale, or try on your skinny jeans once a week as a check on your progress, what keeps us making the right choices the rest of the time?

A lucky charm can be a reminder...a simple trick to keep our long term goals front and center. This can go a long way when you are tempted by that cupcake or the extra serving of mashed potatoes.

Last year I was a contestant in "The News-Herald Lighten Up Contest". I wore a bracelet for the entire 6 months and never took it off. The bracelet said "Live the Life you Love" on one side, and the other side said "Love the Life you Live". Similar to the bracelet in the picture below. This was my visual lucky charm and it served as a constant reminder of my weight loss goals.

I now wear the bracelet from Dr. OZ that says "Just 10" This is my Lucky charm reminding me that I still want to lose 10 more pounds. Well....really 20 more pounds but I set small goals to get to the main goal.

Do you wear a lucky charm as a reminder?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Afraid to join a gym?

"I really want to get in shape before I go to the gym." This is what one of my clients said to me when she hired me to be her personal trainer. Plenty of people feel intimidated at the thought of joining a large gym. Walking into a huge open room with hundreds of machines is tough and even worse all the members seem to be in shape and know exactly what they are doing. It's not hard to see why so many people think they are too out of shape to join a gym.

Good news is that there are many choices as to where you workout and each gym offers a different type of atmosphere. If you tend to be intimidated by gyms, but you still want a place to workout, there are other options our there for you. All it takes is a little time and research to find the right place for you. The trick is to find one that feels welcoming to you.

I can't tell you how many times I walk into a large gym and see members working out on a machine and doing the exercise incorrect. I feel bad for them because they are trying to make a healthy life style change but have no directions. Large gyms often get your money and then turn you loose. I know lots of people who pay for a membership to these gyms and never go because they are unsure of how to work out. Don't get me wrong these gyms are great if you know what you are doing. I actually workout at a large gym because being in the atmosphere gives me the extra push I need to get a great workout.

If large gyms are not for you, below are some small gyms in the area that may help you! I am a Personal Trainer at Slim&Fit in Mayfield and also Fitness Chick in Painesville.

Concord 352-4300
Mayfield Heights 442-3348

Fitness Chick
Painesville 354-9515