Thursday, September 13, 2012


Have you heard of this device yet? I received for my birthday in July. I love tech-geeky health related gadgets. So hubby purchased one for me. It is expensive at $100 for the fancy tracker. After a month with my FitBit, I am not disappointed. It is a huge motivator. If I sit on my ass all day, which doesn’t happen often, it knows I am sitting. And I aim to please my little tracker so I look for excuses to get steps in. 10,000 steps a day is challenging. Even as a personal trainer who is always on the move and participating in daily exercise classes, I have to really try to get these steps in. It also knows if I am climbing stairs or just walking. It suggests I climb 10 flights of stairs daily. So it is not uncommon at the end of the day to see me running the stairs in my house to get those 10 flights in. I don’t want to upset my FitBit. As your activity increases, so does the the size of your flower on the device. It also sends messages to you when looking at your device. Such as “Char, you rock” or “Char, Lets get moving”.

Another part of this gadget I like is it tracks what I eat. I have done this before with and I still have many of my clients on this site. The FitBit food tracker tells me how many calories I have earned as a result of my activity level. SOOOO, if I move more...guess what? I get to eat more, and that always makes me happy!

This gadget not only tracks my daily activity, but tracks my sleep patterns as well. Sleep is a very important factor to being healthy. I was surprised to find out that I get a solid 7 hours of sleep most nights. It tells me how many times I wake up in the night. Let me tell you I am a sound sleeper. Most nights I only wake up once in the night. 

The FitBit will email you weekly reports. I love to see the graphs and it lets me know what days are the most active and the not so active.
I like my Fitbit. It’s not a magic pill – nothing is. It doesn’t put vegetables on my plate. It doesn’t do the hard work for me, but it does make the hard work even more rewarding.

So tell me, what do you use to keep your exercise and eating on track?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Things Fit People Do Before Lunch!

Get Enough Sleep! Not getting enough of this can interfere with appetite, moods and energy..all things we need for a productive day!

Water! I try to remind my clients everyday of this. It is huge for weight loss, let me say that again...IT IS HUGE FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Even if you are not thirsty when you wake up, start the day with a bottle of water.

Exercise! You know I had to add this to the list. Exercise when you can, but for a lot of people if it doesn't happen in the morning it's not going to happen. After a crazy day at the office you will be glad it is done.

Breakfast! You need to "Break the Fast". Fuel your body for the day. I don't have to tell you what to eat here...I will tell you a sugary donut is not it.

Snack! If there is 6 hours between breakfast and lunch, a snack will keep your metabolism going and keep hunger pangs away.

Posture Check! I am the first to tell you I lose my posture when sitting at a desk. Thats why I have to check it a couple of times. Shoulders pulled back, core is tight, chest out.

How many of these things do you do each morning?

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