Tuesday, August 14, 2012

For Pete's Sake, Are You Kidding Me?

I am beyond sick and tired of hearing this from females, "I lift light weights for higher reps to tone", or "Will squats make my butt big?" or "I don't want to lift heavy and get big muscles".

For Pete's sake, Are you kidding me?

Please understand this, lifting heavy weights does not guarantee bigger muscles, nor does high reps guarantee becoming cut. Oh, How I wish it did! Muscle tone has more to do with diet and genetics. Females, or even males (drug free) need to seriously work their butt off for years to grow just a little bit of muscle.

I've read lots of studies that claim the more muscle you have, the longer you can live. This is more important than even blood pressure and cholesterol. So lift as heavy as you can, because it's going to take years to gain some muscle... AND GET STARTED TODAY!

Women between the ages of 40 & 50 will lose 1% of muscle mass each year, and tend to replace that with fat. If you are a female in that age bracket or any age bracket,  I wouldn't wait any longer to start pumping iron. Work as hard as you can to grow those muscles!!!

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