Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So recently I started doing a new type of exercise called crossfit. That's me in the photo. This is not your typical gym. There are no cardio machines, nor are there traditional hand weights lying around. Sometimes these sessions even take place in the parking lot. The equipment is pretty low tech...a box (I've learned to hate this box), medicine balls and kettlebells.

Crossfit combines weightlifting, gymnastics and interval training. The idea is to do short WOD, this is a crossfit term meaning Workout of the day, (10-15 minutes) high intensity routines that are different each time. These workouts shock the muscles so they never get comfortable doing the same thing. And YES my body is still in shock after Saturdays workout!

The results can be weight loss, toning and oh ya, badly calloused hands are part of the deal. In fact my husband and son who both do the class with me, or should I say "I do the class with them", are missing skin from their hands.

These workouts have names too. You can google them and find out what they are. For example CINDY is 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push-Ups and 15 Squats. You will do AMRAP this is also a standard crossfit term meaning As Many Rounds As Possible in a set amount of time. So in 15 minutes you try to beat the other crossfitters! without having to use a puke bucket. At the end of 15 minutes I can't do another rep...not for money, a donut or even a margarita. I am spent! And I usually come in last, UGH!

There are some modifications but not many. For instance I am not ready, willing or able (not sure which) to jump on a 20 inch box, so I stack up two plates and use that for my box jump. I think it's a mind thing but I am afraid to jump up on the damn box. I want you to try it and let me know if you can do it. Stand next to a kitchen chair and jump onto it with both feet. It sound easy but I have not found anything in crossfit to be easy yet.

Do you mix up your workouts?

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